Welcome to Lake Biwa

The Biwaichi Cycling Route encircles Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake.
With easy access just north of Kyoto, the course welcomes beginners
and advanced cyclists alike to enjoy spectacular views on a refreshing ride.

On Biwaichi, See the Scenic
Beauty of Rural Japan

A background of mountains, colorful landscapes of flowers and foliage,
expansive rice fields, traditional villages, and the majestic Lake Biwa.
Every season offers breathtaking scenery!

Feel the Refreshing Spirit
of Japanese Nature

The sights and sounds of the changing seasons around Lake Biwa’s vibrant natural ecosystem create an enchanting atmosphere. Relax your mind, refresh your spirit, and become one with Japan’s great outdoors.

Explore Charming 
Local Communities

Choose your own adventure on some of the
many side routes to go deeper into local life.
Discover the unique local cultures
that have flourished for ages around Lake Biwa
manifested in the local shops, cafes, towns and villages.

Enjoy a Taste of the
Wonderful Local Cuisine

The freshwater ecosystem supports a rich and
distinctive culture of food in Shiga.
Take breaks along your journey to try
some of the specialties like local fish dishes,
Omi Beef, locally grown crops and vegetables,
traditional sweets, and more!

Expand your Horizons
with History and Culture

At the heart of Japan, just north of the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara, the Lake Biwa basin has served as a busy transport hub for centuries.
Historical sites along the route are a doorway into the deep, rich history of the lake and its people.

Discover your own Personal
Adventure, on Biwaichi!

Follow the road wherever it leads on a journey for the body, mind, and spirit.
Your adventure awaits!