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Cyclist-Friendly Accommodations in Shiga

There are accommodation facilities around the lake, where you can store your bicycle safely, and enjoy other cyclist-friendly services.

Shiga Prefecture has certified those cyclist-ready facilities as "Shiga Prefecture Cyclist-Friendly Accommodations" to ensure a better environment for cyclists who visit this area to stay comfortably and safely during their bike trip.

Certified facilities meet the requirements listed below.
Recommended options below are not required but are recommended to further enhance the service.

Certified facilities shall:

1. Allow to bring bicycle into guest rooms or store them in a safe indoor location.
2. Keep cyclists’ baggage before and after their stay.
3. Keeps cyclists’ motor vehicles in parking space before and after their stay.
4. Receive / deliver cyclists’ baggage (incl. bicycles).
5. Lend air pumps compatible with sports-type bicycles.
6. Lend repair tools.
7. Provide tourist information.

Recommended Options:

1. Equip with laundromat and laundry service (incl. provision of info about nearby laundromats).
2. Sell flat tire repair supplies, etc.
3. Provide a space for maintenance / repair where bicycles can be disassembled for maintenance.
4. Allow the use of shower / bathroom before and after their stay (incl. info about nearby facilities)
5. Provide light meals (incl. take-out order) for guests departing before breakfast time.
6. Sell Biwaichi souvenirs.
7. Provide charging station for electric assisted bicycles.
8. Lend room wear.
9. A registered business for the "Oishiga Ureshiga" campaign.
*Oishiga Ureshiga is Shiga prefectural campaign promoting locally produced and consumed food of Shiga.
10. A supporter of the Mother Lake Goals (MLGs).
*MLGs are sustainable goals for Lake Biwa and surrounding communities to be achieved by 2030.

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